Atomy 3 Seconds Beauty Water

What is Atomy 3 Sec Beauty Water?

An Ultra-Moisturizing water solution from laurel tree leaves from Jeju Island.


Fresh laurel tree leaves are extracted as soon as they are picked to capture the untouched freshness of nature


– 100% organic laurel tree leaves grown in the clean region of Jeju island to embody the cleanliness of nature
– Contains laurel tree leaf water 97% and ceramide complex

Double Extraction 

The rich effective ingredients of laurel tree leaves are contained through a careful and precise 2-step extraction process.
Step 1 – “Hand-drip Extraction” from the fresh rip process
Step 2 – “Distillation and Extraction” from the fresh till process
*look at the image below for more information.

Moisturizing in 3 seconds Right after Cleansing!

Effects of Laurel Tree Leaves:

Laurel tree leaves symbolize unfading health and vitality. They have been widely used as an herb for beauty and health in the Mediterranean since ancient Roman times.

Contains Terpin Curcumin for antioxidation effects

– Spot care over areas of concern, soothing, purifying and a boost of vitality

Offers moisture and hydration

– Relieves itchiness from skin dryness

Contains eucalyptol and the unique natural aroma of laurel trees

– Helps relieve stress anxiety

– Breathes life into thirsty skin and your exhaustion

How To use:

Right after cleansing, or whenever your face is feeling dry, Spritz anytime, anywhere! Close your eyes and spray lightly over your face. Laurel tree leaf extracts moisturize your skin while the natural fragrance of laurel tree leaves helps you feel refreshed.

Ingredients: Laurel Tree Leaf water (97%) and ceramide complex

Product Name: Atomy 3-Seconds Beauty Water

Net wt.: 100 ml.

Shelf Life: 300 months from the date of manufacture, 12 months from opening


– For external use only

– Avoid getting in eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water

– If redness/rashes, itching or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

– Keep out of reach of children

– Store at room temperature

– Avoid direct exposer to sunlight

Directions: Spray on at any time of the day to boost hydration after lightly shaking.