Features of Atomy Cafe Arabica Black

  • By blending Brazil’s FD Coffee and Columbia’s fine coffee powder, it delivers savory and sweet taste.

  • 100% Arabica Coffee is a result of selecting the finest coffee beans.
  • 13% of Fine Coffee powder included! Coffee’s traditional richness and mildness can be tasted.
  • To protect the freshness of Coffee, we included nitrogen inside the stick.

100% Arabica Coffee gives a deeper, softer taste and fragrance

Manufacturing Method

Micro Grinding Technology

Café Arabica Black is a premium coffee resulting from hyperfine particle pulverizing technique and ultra freezing pulverizing technique.

Hyper Fined particle Pulverizing Technique

Existing grain (flour) is about 70um(200mesh), Atomy Café Arabica Black is about 19um(3000 mesh) by using hyperfine grain pulverizing technique.

Ultra Freezing Pulverizing Technique

Using liquid nitrogen, minimizing the loss of natural flavor by freezing at -196 degree of ultra freezing temperature.

Feature: Constant throughout flavor, smell, color, and able to be pulverized into ultra fine particles.

Arabica: the noble among all coffees

Arabica coffee beans:

Brazil’s Santos, Kenya’s AA, Jamaica’s Blue mountains, etc. These are a few if the names that coffee-holics from all the world refer to Arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans are grown in cool environments between sea-level of 1000m-2000m.

Rare, less caffeine, and more expensive:

Arabica coffee beans are rare due to its minimal harvest amount compared to common Robusta coffee. Arabica coffee beans also contain less caffeine and tend to be more expensive than Robusta coffee beans.